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Abbreviationes™ currently comprises over 70,000 entries containing a total of 80,098 references to manuscripts. Abbreviationes™ is based on a large number of manuscripts from all fields, held at a wide variety of libraries throughout Europe – from Catania in the South, Uppsala in the North, Coimbra in the West to St. Petersburg in the East. It includes large collections such as the manuscripts held by the Vatican Library or the libraries at Oxford and Paris as well as many smaller collections. Major collections in the United States, such as the manuscripts held by the Morgan Library (New York City, New York) and the Huntington Library (San Marino, California), are also included. The entries in the database cover the period from the 8th century up to and including the 15th century. Thanks to annual updates and enhancements, the database will continue to grow steadily.

spiritus.png gratia.png saeculi.png inest.png
gloria.png proprie.png alia_translatio.png contraria.png
naturalis.png patet_per.png consequens.png instanti.png
consequens_est_falsum.png consequentia_nota.png maior_patet.png minor_probatur.png

Besides abbreviations in the strict sense the database also contains entries where the word is shortened somewhat by using superscript letters, but no letter of the word has actually been left out. Furthermore, the database comprises entries – which are likewise not abbreviations in the strict sense – where the medieval spelling makes it difficult to determine the right word. Finally, the database comprises entries where Greek names and terms are transliterated in a strange way.

his.png ut.png sic.png hominis.png
hepar.png entelechia.png chaos.png Chrysogoni.png

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