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Abbreviationes™ is designed for use in both learning and teaching medieval Latin paleography. Abbreviationes™ is also a highly useful reference and research tool.

Abbreviationes™ as a learning tool

Students of medieval Latin paleography will find Abbreviationes™ a valuable learning tool. With Abbreviationes™, it is easy to look up all the different abbreviations for a given word. In this way, students will quickly become familiar with the various techniques used in abbreviation.

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Abbreviationes™ as a teaching tool

Academic professionals will find Abbreviationes™ an effective teaching tool in their lectures and seminars on medieval Latin paleography. In reading exercises with students, Abbreviationes™ can be used quickly and conveniently to display variant abbreviations of a given word, thus broadening and enhancing students’ awareness of the various techniques used in abbreviation. Abbreviationes™ paves the way for a more interactive and independent approach to learning and teaching.

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Abbreviationes™ as a reference tool

Both beginners and experienced scholars will find Abbreviationes™ an invaluable reference tool. If you already are an expert in medieval Latin paleography, you will probably have a good idea of what a given abbreviation stands for. However, this intuitive knowledge can sometimes be misleading. Abbreviationes™ is a practical way of corroborating your reading while quickly checking for possible alternatives. As a novice, you may have problems recognizing the letters of a given abbreviation. Because Abbreviationes™ is so very fast, it allows for a trial-and-error approach to deciphering a given abbreviation. And thanks to Abbreviationes™ fuzzy expert system, even an incomplete or inaccurate query will still lead you to the correct entry.

ca01.png ca02.png ca03.png ca04.png
ca05.png ca06.png ca07.png ca08.png
ca09.png ca10.png ca11.png ca12.png
ca13.png ca14.png ca15.png ca16.png

Abbreviationes™ as a research tool

Scholars will also appreciate Abbreviationes™ as a research tool. With Abbreviationes™, you can search how a specific abbreviation mark was used during a given period or by an individual writer. You may, for instance, wish to find out how and when Albert the Great used the round r (r rotunda). A search on Abbreviationes™ will tell you that Albert the Great used the round r in conjunction with the letters b, d, o, p, as well as with the abbreviation mark 9, and that the round r is most often found in combination with the letter o.

albertus01.png albertus02.png albertus03.png albertus04.png
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